The Pabst Page 2023! customer service! It has been called to our attention that, Quote: “Slammer, the website SUCKS!!!” That being established, the entire staff was called together for an emergency meeting, we decided to add a PabstPage self-help Q and A customer service interface. ‘Because at TPDC, we sincerely care about what you fuck-nozzles think, no, really we do.’ 1. John from Snyder asked. “What in the name of Jesus’ left nut the is with the spelling and other crap that makes this pile of shit impossible to read?” Thanks for the question John, its simple, you get what you pay for, asshole. 2. Steve from Skinner asked. “There are no directions on the website you knuckle dragging fuck-head.” Steve, simple, since you’ve been there twice, if you can’t remember where it is, don’t you think thats YOUR problem you nose picking retard. 3. Frank from Steeman asked: “What the fuck are you trying to accomplish with this bullshit?” Its the same crap you’ve been doing since the 80’s” Good question Frank, in fact, its the only good question you’ve ever asked. I don’t put porn banners on the site anymore, thats different... Only because most of you turds haven’t had anything to ‘beat’ for decades. 4. Tom from Cig-not texts: “Smr, tuhfk duwe hav druggz? aSken U~ donuts basketball” Thanks for the question ‘T’ we think,,, No, Timmy didn’t fall down the well. 5. Don from Mar-a-lago asks: How do I hire the PDC staff for my next administration? Best website ever!! Don, we will need to get an advance, your are in arrears with everyone you Bronze baboon. (Several months later after moving) 6. Don from Leavenworth writes:  “Apparently you AND your company can’t understand what ‘I’ can do for you, WORST WEBSITE EVER!!! Fired!! Geez’ I thought ‘WE’ were the best dude? Guess not. 7. Hunter from Biden writes: Where’ the dope at? ‘H’, check in the White house, lots there lately. 8. Bob from Stiner asks: “My tent!,,, I need to find my fuggun’ tent!” Bob, no idea, but its not up THERE. 9. Bill from Savino asks: “Friggin minguia pasta pinkly ring cocksucker, I’ll bust your mothers fucking head you pile of rotten fazule bastaudddd.” Easy does it Bino, back away from the espresso maker. 10. Clark from Swinetheart said: “I’ve been loosing weight lately, whats up with that?” Clark, quit dieing you moron. 11. Glennerd from Skinnard wants to know: “Hey shit head, next time you drink all my booze you better at least leave a tip.” Relax butt-Cheeks, don’t leave your shit laying around.