The Pabst Page 2023!
Pabst 45 is announced! This is the aftermath of the meeting that took place at The Glennerd-drome February 25th 2023; called to odor (Not a typo) @ 4:29: The ‘Highest’ of the High Order of the Pabstbyterian Brotherhood, in recognition of, and in conjunction with the order of the Pabstafarian present... The 45 Pabst Politicking Campout in accordance with the following; as ratified by Duke, ‘The Duke’ of Duke. Pabst 45 is in Wirt September 13 thru 17, 2023. $50.00 per day, to a max of $150.00. All you can eat and drunk... Free parking for anything you can get up the hill. Send your money too: Pabst H.Q. 7805 Big Tree Rd Pavilion NY, 14525 PayPal: (Don’t forget a donation to the GoPabstMe for Bill {BTK} Swinehart if you feel like it.) Now the minutes of the meeting,,, pack a lunch for this fiasco kids;   Meeting called to order at 4:26. Meeting adjourned at 4:30 for pissing due to old man bladder syndrome, and weed. Meeting re-adjourned at 4:33. Secretary Change: Slammer fired for being too drunk to take notes. Slammer appeals but it is decided that he has no appeal. Idle Chit Chat then a random call to attention. Once again, Ol’ Woody is elected as Chairwhiskey. A call is made to Frank, but he lives in N. Carolina so we doubt her heard it. Location proposed, Wirt is tabled. Bino suggests Slammers sisters crotch. Committee decides the venue is too big with too much traffic. Stonerhenge is proposed but Stones doesn’t own it anymore so that may be an issue. Wirt wins again!! Cigno IS gay and has Baklava breath. Motion: Oops, no motion just gas, not a bowel movement. Adjourned for pissing and wipe up. Back at it... Guest beer - Stones and Spike. Art is caught looking at Binos ass. Says that “Binos buns are great with glaze, but up close(?) a complete shitstorm. Thanks Art, Bino proposes marriage. Awwwhhhh. Food: Yes, we should have some. Art: Smoked Prime Rib! Then coughed profusely. Proposal made, Art: Vegan option? Bob physically attacks Art,,, ‘Fuck you and fuck that!! Don’t come asshole!’ This will be on a shirt. Slammer is banned from invites forever. Slammer; “Well fuck you then, you guys are dumb.” Ribs mentioned! No Fillets Slammer-Grizzle and Bear Beats! (No idea,,, ed.) Adjourn for pissing, drinks and drugs. Reasrunmentzzzz! Duke: Surf, Turf, Scallops. Fishing Trip, Pabst Perch! This meeting is jerking itself off! Art is Black and a chicken choking mother fucker! JB is Gay!!!! Slammer and Bino owe the Pabst a Pizza. Art: ‘This meeting is off the rails.’ Cigno asks, in his own way, for week 3 or 4 in Sept... “What is it Lassy?? Did Billy fall down the well again??!!” Doug Wheeler is a fagot! Hanford on the phone! Art and Duke: A two week Pabst? Slammer, “They are ALL weak”. P45 is finally born! Wirt, September 13 through 17 2023. ‘T’, ‘The Beating Inflation Pabst.’ Slammer, ‘The Beating Your Wife Pabst’? (Hey they are both just as expensive’.) More Woodford is dispensed. Wheres Bill? Cigno is blowing him. Slammer is dropping all of us as friends, he hates us all. Art says we have limited smoke capacity-What???? Apparently he hasn’t met T, Duke and Phun. Bino wants Spaghettos’ and milk. Duke announces that he is not a morning person. Art, under Uncle Woodies tutelage, we are the best friends anyone could ask for! Wayyy to lower the bar Art. Dry Ice... Cigno says ‘NO’... If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Phun is asked, “What the fuck”? He replies, “Yes”. Duke asks for the floor... Permission granted and is awarded the contract. The Perry folks to supply. Back of this page: (as written verbatim) Thurs, Chicken 15 birds, 30 1/2 birds, Sat, P.Ribs 25, 21- 22, 3 racks of Prime Rib, Fri, 4-6 lbs 1’5”, Fri, 3 loins of tenderloins, Scallops? Can’t make that shit up. Stoner says he is focused! John Savino calls in-He loves us. Frank says $200 is great. Art likes Binos approach. Beer outage concern if the Plyters come. Piss Adjourn. Smoke weed. Invites: Bino and TC to work it out. Slammer notes with conviction that Cigno is a disaster looking for a place to happen. Powder your balls, new Veteran tip. Meeting agerned (CCS edjucation) Meeting closed buy unanimous vote. Cigno buys dinner with a fake C note, they don’t take confederate money. Slammer reopens meeting: Bob to make Porter 45. Standard beers: Molson Canadian and Yuengling. Bob Bob Bob, BobBobBhuBob, FUCKING BHOOOB! Stragglers will be shot. Art is doing 1/2 price rectal exams. Meeting closed.