The Pabst Page 2023!
GO PABST ME! It has come to the attention of the Committee that a fellow Pabster has fallen on some tough times. Bill (B.T.K.) Swinehart wants to come to P45 but can’t afford it. His ol’ lady lost her job and the fucker is on disability; Seems he jumped out of a bunch of perfectly good airplanes in the Army. Irrational behavior aside, we are taking up a collection to help get him here and back. Air fare only, he can mooch off of family once he’s here. Or maybe stay with me and help load shit, actually that would serve him right. Donations are strictly voluntary, above and beyond traditional dues. Any amount is acceptable... Just be sure and make it a separate donation and mark it as such. Should BTK not be able to make it, your donation will be completely refunded. ~Include a separate check or PayPal~